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Nicole Curto-Down More than 100 Lbs. and Loving It!

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September 2014 - Exercise. Eat right. And have an awesome trainer.  That's a formula for success!

Nicole joined Elevations in March 2013 and started personal training with Jay in July 2013. You want results? She has lost over 100 pounds, 45 inches and 17% body fat.

Here is Nicole's story...

I have always looked at exercising in a negative way. To be completely honest, I hated it and found nothing enjoyable or even tolerable about it.  Now, it's an obsession. Even a need, if you will.  If I can't workout at least 5 days a week, I feel off.  In addition to a very busy personal life, I have a very demanding job, which includes long hours, pressure to meet deadlines and a lot stress. Going to the gym and being able to workout for a least an hour a day has become a great source of stress relief.

I honestly don't believe I would have the success, or come as far as I have in my weight loss journey, without Jay.  Jay brings out things in people they don't believe they have. Strength, determination, the need to be and do better. He has and continues to push to my limits and beyond.  When exhaustion and the pain seem unbearable, his motivation finds and pulls me to fight through to the end. When plateaus hit and frustration sets in, he keeps me focused and motivated on the goal. You are not just a 60 minute personal training session or a body in a bootcamp class, you are personal mission to him.  He is going to educate and guide you in every aspect of fitness he can.  Because he wants you to succeed and achieve your goals, and he knows doing it goes beyond just what he do in the short amount of time he has with you.

When I am not training with Jay, I independently do cardio work. Whether it's running on the treadmill or the elliptical, or cardio routines that Jay has designed, which include ab work. I also have, and continue to make an effort to attended his boot camp classes.

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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