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Marie Porcano - From Little Town to Virtual Village to the Stage



May 2014 - Healthier, happier, and stronger one week at a time! That has been my motto since I decided to focus on becoming a healthier version of myself two and a half years ago.  It is so hard to believe it has been this long!  I have made several great investments for such and one of them has been joining Elevations Health Club. 

I have been doing most of my training in the Marshalls Creek location since it is conveniently located right around the corner from my house. I have become very fond of this little place which feels more like a second home to me. The trainers, staff, and every single member that walks through the doors are like family.  Each and every one of you trainers, staff, and members from both the morning and evening shifts are just wonderful! Each and every one of you have brought your unique personalities, styles, positive energy, and enthusiasm to the gym.  You have all fueled my passion and made it that much more fun to continue pursuing my fitness goals. I feel truly blessed and grateful to be surrounded by such awesome people on a daily basis!

But how did I start with this interest in fitness competitions? Well, after taking BodyPump classes for a while, I  became hooked on resistance training and decided to purchase the personal training package with Kate Hodnik.  She taught me all about good form and safety when lifting, in addition to her positive and helpful feedback. The results I saw from this were far more than I could ever imagine.  Aside from helping me reach physical changes, Kate was a key player in helping me find my passion! She, along with my hubby, saw potential in me and encouraged me to enter a competition with certainty that I could do it.  They believed in me before I did!  But wait... I had never heard of such a world.  So I began to do my homework.  I researched everything I could about competitions, and after attending a couple of shows I decided  to give myself another 6 months to plan and prepare for such.  Yet, I had no idea I would meet even more people that would fuel that fire within myself to such an unimaginable extent!

My virtual village...

Knowing nutrition to be a very important component towards excellent fitness, I decided it was a good idea to hire a coach to help me through the process.  I wanted to make sure this person would be someone I felt comfortable talking to, as well as someone who kept my health as a top priority.  With all this in mind, and after several recommendations and interviews, I hired coach Brian Melancon at C620Nutrition who guided me through my nutrition and training. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and the results were just amazing! Slowly but surely, long-term healthy changes were taking place and I found myself making better choices.  The best part of all is that I was doing it for ME!  So, as things were progressing in the nutritional/training aspect, the goal date continued to creep closer.  I was petrified as I imagined myself on stage!  Thoughts like, “OMG!  What am I getting myself into?” began to place a certain level of doubt in my ability to follow through to my goal.  I felt I needed to actually meet and be with people who have done, or will be doing, the same thing in order to ease my fears.  Thankfully, I couldn't have found a better place than with an amazing group of dedicated and experienced fitness ladies that have been doing just that for over 20 years at Cathy Savage Fitness. So, I attended their January Camp 2014 and what I experienced there was like none other.  There was no doubt about it...if I actually wanted to compete and really be on stage, I was certainly in the right place! For the weeks that followed, I worked with coach Kristine DeVermillion, Savage Ambassador Jessica Halbert, and my Philly Savage Sisters on posing and stage presence.  At the same time every morning for the last two weeks prior to the competition you could find me at Elevations,  practicing my walks and routines; the love and support that I received from the morning crew and friends from my Elevations family was incredible!  Deanna Perry's push and motivation in her cycle classes kept fueling the fire within and the invaluable help and support from Sahira Aybar recording every practice were all important factors that help me prepare for the event.  

On May 17th 2014, I entered my very first competition and had the time of my life!!! I took 5th place on the Figure Class Masters Division and enjoyed every minute of it!

I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you!  As I am just beginning this awesome journey, I know I need a more detailed plan in place to achieve my goals and be where I want to be.  Yes, I do have a lot of work to do, but knowing all that lies ahead is a source of happiness and excitement!  I want to continue my journey while enjoying and trusting the process at all times.  I will continue to challenge myself knowing that there is nothing I cannot do or achieve!

To each and everyone of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being as AWESOME as you are and for doing what you do best!  I am aiming high, very high!!  XOXO

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