Success Stories

Dawn Foy - Personal Training and Bootcamp...Wow!

Before & After

September 2014 - Dawn has been a member of Elevations since January 2014. In that short time, she has lost 32 pounds...the right way!  She'll be the first to tell you that she feels great (and we can tell she looks great).

Here is Dawn's story...

Immediately after joining Elevations, I began personal training with Jay.  Once the sessions ended, I continued to follow the programs that he customized for my needs. Months later, I continue to take Jay's advice in order to continue my progress. I attend bootcamp multiple times per week and follow a strength/weight training program.

My attitude toward fitness has changed during this process because my understanding is much clearer. Reaching fitness goals is about being focused and consistent with an exercise regimen, and adopting healthy eating habits.

Along with my strength training, I find that bootcamp has been a great fit for me. Since starting bootcamp, I have reached goals sooner and made strides that I never imagined. Never giving my body a chance to plateau, bootcamp has a level of intensity that has trained me to be ready for anything and not to be afraid of pushing myself to another level.

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your story with us!

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