Success Stories

Darlene Haese - Winning the Weight Loss Challenge



August 2013 - Prior to joining Elevations in January 2013, Darlene had gastric bypass surgery that helped her to lose 100 pounds.  But that wasn't enough for Darlene!  Darlene wanted to continue losing weight but also wanted to shape and tone.

Darlene and her trainer Mike spent months toning and tightening her muscles with all kinds of workouts.  Mike said, "Darlene's workouts focus on strength, stability and balance. We also work on Darlene's coordination. We started with basic strength and functional Weight Loss Successmovements, including elements of pilates and yoga. After Darlene mastered basic movements, we began cardio-respiratory work with her correct posture and form.” 

At the end of May, Darlene signed up for the Elevations Summer Weight Loss Challenge...and she was a big reason that her team won! Over the course of 4 months, Darlene lost 44 more pounds.

Great Job Darlene.  Thanks for sharing your stats with everyone and inspiring us all!

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