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September 2014 - Dawn has been a member of Elevations since January 2014. In that short time, she has lost 32 pounds...the right way!  She'll be the first to tell you that she feels great (and we can tell she looks great). Here is Dawn's story... Immediately after joining Elevations, I began... Read More
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September 2014 - Exercise. Eat right. And have an awesome trainer.  That's a formula for success! Nicole joined Elevations in March 2013 and started personal training with Jay in July 2013. You want results? She has lost over 100 pounds, 45 inches and 17% body fat. Here is Nicole's story... I have... Read More
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May 2014 - Healthier, happier, and stronger one week at a time! That has been my motto since I decided to focus on becoming a healthier version of myself two and a half years ago.  It is so hard to believe it has been this long!  I have made several great investments for such and one of them has... Read More
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August 2013 - Prior to joining Elevations in January 2013, Darlene had gastric bypass surgery that helped her to lose 100 pounds.  But that wasn't enough for Darlene!  Darlene wanted to continue losing weight but also wanted to shape and tone. Darlene and her trainer Mike spent months toning and... Read More
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October 2012 - Stephen McManus, 54, joined Elevations Health Club in 2010. He was 397 pounds. Here in the autumn of 2012, Steve is down more than 100 pounds, to 294! Steve does personal training, is a swimmer, and he has learned to eat the right way. By losing weight, Steve has gone back to... Read More
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September 2012 - I joined Elevations Health Club January 2012.  I decided to try the weight loss program because I wanted to support my husband, who was going to join. I also wanted to get better control of the balance between my exercising and eating.  I wanted to get the weight off, keep it off,... Read More
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October 2011 - Holly Corcoran is an accomplished endurance horse rider who has a great relationship with her horses.  In fact, she jokes that it was one of her horses who got her on the path to fitness and weight loss by turning to her and saying, “We would do SO much better if you would just lose... Read More

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Swim Lessons begin again January 9th.  Orientation for all NEW participants is Saturday, January 6th 2018 at 9am.